Welcome to NYB online!

Hello and welcome to NYB, the new site for all R/C enthusiasts.

We are excited to announce out bash days have been getting more and more frequent. We welcome all scales of cars not just the big stuff.

We have a number of bash sites that can cater for nitro and leccy models.

We have a very active forum here and you can find out when and where the latest bashes will be, for all to attend. Join us in the forum, upload your videos and picture and browse the shop for NYB branded gear.

"Enjoy the banter with like minded folk."

We welcome any ideas for the site or anything you wish to say please, Don't be shy. Get in touch.

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Bash Sites

Have you got a bash site where we could meet, Discuss it here.


All bash location, dates and times are arranged here. We have a great crew. Why not join in here.


Lots of help can be found here, if not simply post you problem and someone here will be able to help you.

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